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Find out more Admissions decisions at the University are based solely on academic criteria — your ability and your potential.

We assess everyone individually, which means we look at — and for — different things in different people for different courses. Consequently, there's no magic formula that will guarantee you're offered a place. However, all Admissions Tutors are looking for the students who they believe: have the most academic ability and potential will benefit from and flourish in Local singles free Sonyea New York Cambridge learning environment are best suited to the course they applied for Academic ability and potential We're looking for students with the academic ability and potential to flourish at the University.

Adult wants real sex Belford Therefore, you should be aiming for excellent examination grades. Learning at Cambridge We're looking for an indication of your ability to think critically and independently, and your willingness to argue logically while keeping your mind open to new ideas.

You also need self-discipline, motivation, commitment, and the desire and potential to go beyond what you've learned so far.

Think carefully about Adult looking hot sex Arden-on-the-Severn options and which course s and subject area s you're most enthused and inspired about studying for the next few years. If you think you have these qualities, we're looking for students like you and hope you'll apply.

Don't let the prospect of not getting a place put you off applying.

We can't offer you a place if you don't apply to us! How do we assess applications?

There's no blueprint for an ideal Cambridge student and we want to give applicants as many opportunities as possible to demonstrate their strengths and potential. Therefore, each application is considered individually and holistically, using all of the following information:.